About the Cardiff University PGR Day Zone

Hello Cardiff University PGR Day attendees!

"What's engagement all about?" | Image: Scientist Sterotypes R Us.

“What’s engagement all about?” | Image: Scientist Sterotypes R Us.

Using this I’m a Scientist website live in THIS session, happening NOW, you can get answers to all your pressing public engagement-related questions, questions like:

  • What’s the point of engaging with the public?
  • What opportunities are there?
  • How do I engage effectively?
  • What’s the difference between outreach and engagement?
  • Who is Boaty McBoatface, anyway?
  • And much, much more.

To get started, LOG IN and head to the CHAT page to ask your questions to the panel.

I’m a Scientist is an online public engagement event that gets all kinds of scientists talking to school students around the UK. Scientists develop their communication skills, gain a fresh perspective on their work, and find out what young people think about science and the role of scientists. Apply now to take part.